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Woody enable remote ingest workflows

Over the last months, the need for a reliable, flexible, and powerful solution for remote ingest has been constantly growing. The COVID-19 crisis emphasized this need, but it started earlier with the move of some major broadcasters migrating their production and post-production infrastructure to the cloud.

In 2020, Woody Technologies released several versions of Woody in2it Go and Woody in2it server, an end-to-end solution enabling remote ingest from anywhere, on any device, to cloud-hosted and on-premises production environments.

Woody in2it Go is the ultimate solution for remote ingest, and can be used by anyone from anywhere and any device. This means not only technical users can handle it, but also editorial teams and field reporters, thanks to the very intuitive UI and ingest process, where users are freed from all technical constraints.

Inspired by the years of experience of Woody Technologies’ teams around file-based ingest, Woody in2it Go deployment and administration has been drastically simplified to enable a remote ingest device, smartphone or laptop, in a few minutes.

Thanks to the remote, cloud-based administration of users, devices and ingest profiles, Woody in2it Go brings more security, flexibility, and serenity to customers' workflow. It is fully integrated with various cloud authentication providers such as Azure AD, OKTA, or OneLogin to ensure powerful and secure user management.

Woody in2it Go has already been chosen by several major broadcasters in 2020 to ensure remote ingest to central production environments located on-premises or cloud-hosted.

Since August 2020, it is used by a brand new broadcaster to ingest content from the field and from its operational office in Paris, France, to a remote Avid® production system located in Barcelona, Spain. Media and metadata are transferred from France on the WAN or over the public internet using FileCatalyst® transfer acceleration protocol. In Barcelona, the content is transcoded and ingested using Woody in2it server, making it available in Avid® MediaCentral environment for all users.

Woody in2it Go is also currently being deployed by a major European broadcaster to manage file-based ingest from all its offices across Europe to a new cloud-based Production environment.

Other Woody in2it Go deployments are in progress in Australia and France for news production, including the ability to send recorded footage from reporters’ smartphones.

Woody in2it Go mobile app is available on iOS and Android devices.

Want to learn more about how we can help you enabling remote ingest? Contact our sales team and we’ll be in touch.


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