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Flow Works

Flow Works

Digital Media Asset Management and Distribution System for post-production, broadcasting, archiving, VOD publishing, and content sales.

About Flow Works

Flow Works, based in Munich, is an established producer and distributor of “Digital Asset Management & Distribution Systems”. This growing company owns and offers the complete technology and know-how to service complex and complete media environments. Flow Works serves the entire "media market“, meaning all companies and environments that produce, own/manage and distribute media content. Flow Works provides solutions covering the entire media value-chain and integrates all elements into single workflow systems. The client base encompasses not only producers, post-houses, TV stations and rights-dealers but also marketing and communications departments of industrial companies as well as advertising agencies.

Flow Works products

Flow Works MAM/PAM/PMS

Flow Works specializes in the technical processing of media content (of any type) as well as editorial & management processes of any kind.
Flow Works consists of 6 core parts: Flow Center, Flow Device and Workflow Manager, Flow Coder – Media Transcoding, Flow Storage Manager, Flow Fuel Playout Modules & Interfaces, Flow ANT – the Micro Media Management System. 
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